How to setup Amazon Fire Stick?

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How to setup Amazon Fire Stick?

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Amazon Firestick Technical Support Number

If you are looking forward to set up the Amazon Fire Stick, you can follow the steps given below after you have gathered all the essentials. Sometimes the users can come across various issues while configuring the setup. In that case, one can get in touch with the experts at Amazon Firestick Tech Support Number
• Pair the Alexa Remote to Amazon Fire Tv
• Now select your preferred language
• After that connect to the Wi-Fi network
• You now need to register the Fire TV stick
• Save the Wi-Fi passwords
• Give access to parental controls, if required.
• If you want you can skip the introductory video phase
• You can also manage the daily data consumption
• Next, you need to pair the Remote to the Fire TV stick
• Reboot the Fire Stick at the end to complete the process.

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